Door Maintenance Hamilton

Windoorlock door maintenance Hamilton service can help you with a maintenance program for your doors inside your home that are not closing properly or that have become damaged in some way.

Nothing is more frustrating than a door that is hard to open or close. You may choose to put up with it for awhile, but you maybe surprised how simple and easy it is to have your door back to being fully functional with our door maintenance Hamilton service.

Windoorlock Door Maintenance Hamilton

  • Worn or short door rubbers that shrink to the inside and outside of your door causing draughts which sometimes allows rain to come in.
  • Door rubbers can be replaced for only $7.50 a metre
  • A cracked or broken glass pane in your doors can leave your house open for easy access from thieves
  • Timber Liners on Aluminium Doors can sometimes swell and crack leaving your door hard to open or close. In some cases this can be repaired or if the timber is too far gone then we will need to replace.
  • Sliding Doors become hard to open and close.  This can sometimes be easily fixed by adjusting the rollers and for only $35 it’s going to give you peace of mind.
  • Hinged doors not closing properly because of broken hinges- We can replace 3 damaged hinges for only $95 and have your door working just like new.
  • Door Dragging or hard to open – We can lift your door and resecure it from only $35
  • Timber Doors jamming – we can trim your door and prime the bare timber from only $35.
  • Rotten or damaged timber and Aluminium Doors – From time to time we come across doors that need replacing as the foundations and timber joinery have just simply rotted out