Windows Replacement Hamilton

Your windows and doors are always subject to damage and wear and tear because they are consistently exposed to the elements and the changing weather. This causes fatigue in your windows especially if the material they are built with is not really durable

Windows add an aesthetic touch to your house. They complement your house’s decor and interior as well as exterior design. Choosing the right windows is a crucial process not only for aesthetic reasons but also for energy saving and budget reasons.

Although windows form only 10% of your house they contribute to about 50% of your house’s energy efficiency or deficiency, which means that it contributes to 50% of the energy saved or energy wasted.

The majority of your homes heat escapes out of the windows. The next time there’s bad weather, take a good look at your blinds or curtains. Are they moving at all? If they are, it’s a sure sign that your window is letting in cold air and that your house could benefit from repairing or replacing them. Also touch the glass. Is it cold or covered in condensation? These are also clues that you should consider replacing them with double glazing.

Window Replacement Hamilton – Window Choices

These days it is possible to find a range of windows that have the following characteristics

  • high-performance coatings
  • glazes
  • tints

Window Replacement Hamilton – What we do

If these is no sign of rot we can supply an aluminium insert which we will fit into your original timber window frame. We use both the exterior trim as well as internal casing so they are installed directly into your existing window frame.

This way, your window is replaced quickly and easily without much mess. These windows are also quite affordable because they use the existing frame and are less labor intensive than the full frame windows.

By using the insert windows you can make your existing unit more energy efficient and up to date with the latest window performance features.

Full Frame Windows Installation

Due to the nature of the frame being unrepairable we may need to remove the frame and original sash and install a completely new unit. Windoorlock’s Window replacement Hamilton service can have a completely new window frame and window installed in a small amount of time.

Although they are more expensive, they offer superior energy efficiency because of the double glazing of the glass and also the frames are designed to give a better performance.

Our window replacement Hamilton service can help you choose the right option to either replace or repair your windows